Frequently Asked Questions:

1)  When did EPA open?

Educational Pathways Academy will opened its doors in August 2017. 

2)  Where is EPA located?

Educational Pathways Academy is currently located on the campus of the Salvation Army Educational Building and Fran Cohen Youth Center at Estey Ave. & Airport Road.  The site address is 3180 Estey Ave., Naples, FL 34014.  Plans are underway for relcation & expansion in the Fall!

3)  Is EPA's calendar similar to public school's calendar?

Yes, our academic calendar is similar to that set forth by Collier County Public Schools, yet there are a few differences.  Please see the 2018-2019 calendar posted under the Back To School page

4)  Are the teachers Florida State Certified?

Yes, all instructional personnel are required to hold a valid Florida State Teacher Certification.  

5)  Is EPA a private school?

EPA is private school registered with the Florida Department of Education.  

6)  What grade levels does the school accommodate?

EPA is accepting registration for incoming grades 2-8.

7)  Does EPA offer any financial aid or scholarships?

Educational Pathways Academy accepts McKay, Step-Up, Gardiner, Hope, & Family Empowerment Scholarships.