Admissions Process:


1.     Parent submits completed application packet and non-refundable $100 application fee.  


2.     Parent submits any evaluations completed by schools, therapists, tutors, and/or psychologists.

          A child who does not have a previous comprehensive evaluation will need to complete an                entrance screening by a certified Dyslexia Specialist at EPA.  A screening fee of $200 will be                charged for this evaluation to determine if dyslexia is evident.  The fee includes testing,                        consultation, and  written evaluation.


3.     Director will conduct parent interview.


4.     Admissions Committee will review completed application and evaluations.


5.     Selection for admissions is based on the child’s inherent capabilities and ability to benefit from            the educational programs at Educational Pathways Academy, as well as space availability in            the program. Parents will be notified of child’s acceptance status.


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6.    After acceptance by the EPA Director, the student will be guaranteed a spot once the             $350 non-refundable Registration Fee is paid. (Register by May 1st and save $50 on                     Registration Fee.)